SIDE BY SIDE is the brainchild of creators Natalie Cordone and Shawn Kilgore. While performing together in Orlando, Florida, they recognized a need for spectacular concerts paying homage to the music of yesteryear. Combining their talents as performers, writers and producers, they created the show SIDE BY SIDE: A STEVE & EYDIE TRIBUTE.

Their Steve & Eydie show was so wildly popular that they were immediately booked for return engagements. Knowing that their audiences were drawn to the chemistry, artistry and sophistication of their original show, they created SIDE BY SIDE: ON BROADWAY, AT THE MOVIES, HEART TO HEART and HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS to satisfy that same craving for quality entertainment.

Their goal has always been to bring the highest level of excellence and value to their venues. Over the past six years they have worked with professional musicians to create original charts that make their three-piece jazz trio (piano, drums and bass) evoke the sound of a much larger orchestra. They also found for their smaller venues, parties and events, that their piano-only show and professional backing tracks allowed them to fulfill the needs of a wide variety of clients.

Lastly, Natalie & Shawn’s work as teachers and mentors has helped them create outreach programs that are of great benefit to the community. Shawn’s work as a lecturer at Universal Studios and Natalie’s residencies as an instructor at Wake Forest University have given them the insight to create programs that reach out to seniors and students. While helping to give back, and create new lovers of this spectacular era of music, outreach can also help with ticket sales and garnering new audience members.